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20.02.2015 http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif CHQ is delighted to inform that Bidar SSA have done a marvelous job in conducting the Signature Campaign. Bidar is a very small SSA in Karnataka circle, with total employees strength of 240. Their quota of signatures to be collected, as per the decision of the All India Forum is 12,000 (240×50). Whereas the Bidar have collected 15,400 signatures. CHQ feels proud of the Bidar SSA.

20.02.2015 http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif Forum convention of Siliguri was held on 17 th Feb 2015, huge gathering was there. Com Nambodiri, National Forum Convener , Com Animesh Mitra Convener Forum WBTC, Com Pulak Ganguly, Convener Forum , Siliguri & VP/NFTE,  Com Jagannath Sarkar Circle president SNATTA WB, Com Soumitra Paul  DS SNATTA Siliguri & others were attended the meeting and delivered their valuable speech for the gatherings.


For Photos Click Here


19.02.2015 http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gifA Circle level convention organizes by united forum of BSNL unions/associations at PGMTD building Jaipur. Attended by our All India President Mr. Rajender Khanna and AGS Mr. A R Jangid, President addressed house. More than 1000 comrades attended the convention. All circle office bearers of SNATTA Rajasthan attended function with full enthusiasm. A special meeting organizes with GS BSNLEU and President NFTE and detailed discussion made regarding 30% superannuation benefits, Designation change, JTO RR2014, EMS result and Tamilnadu Circle JTO LICE result issues.

For Photos Click Here

19.02.2015 http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif A massive convention was organized by circle level forum of union/association at patna on 18th Feb 2015. Vijay Kumar, CS SNATTA Bihar attended and addressed the huge gathering assembled in the convention on behalf of SNATTA. Convention was addressed by Com. Chandeshwar Singh, GS NFTE, Com. Arbind Dahia, AGS SNEA(I), Com. Swapan Chakraborty , DyGS BSNLEU and Manoj Kumar Jha, CS Bihar BTEU BSNL. Our CS, Vijay Kumar appealed to worker to participate in parliament march on 25th Feb 2015 and make preparation for indefinite strike w.e.f 17th March a grand success.

17.02.2015 http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gifShri Amit khan ,CS SNATTAWB along Mohan Paul DP/KSH/SNATTA, Manick Mandal/KSH/SNATTA, Sri Tapas Sarkar, ADS/SNATTA/KSH  & others, Prabir bannerjee, convener forum, krishnagar, bidhan pramanik, DS BSNLEU, R.k.sen , DS SNEA, UK das ,DS AIBSNLEA and all other members attended the convention& the leaders of various union  delivered the valuable speech. Meeting concluded with full of enthusiasm. The forum leaders requested the members to make the campaign a great success.

For photos Click Here

17.02.2015 http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gifVery successful convention and signature campaign at Raiganj SSA of westbengal Circle. Sri Sukumar Chanda, Asstt Circle Secretary, snattawb along with others represented snattawb in the meeting. The forum leaders delivered their enthusiastic speeches to make the campaign a success.

For photos Click Here

09.02.2015 http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif  FORUM meeting with CMD attended by Acting GS Sunil Gautam. In case of 30% superannuation benefit for DR recruited management is agree to extend 3% extra contribution in existing 18% and review every year till superannuation benefit reached 30% as per financial condition of BSNL but Direct Recruits Executive association requested to review the decision before implementation as they have submitted the documents as asked by management in support of our demands. HR plan based on Deolittee committee recommendation rejected by staff side members and demand separate discussion on that but because all issues struck in Board of Directors in the name of HR Plan so CMD intervene and agree to take up this issue separately within the week.
Minutes of meeting maybe released soon.


Please click here for United Forum Letter

06.02.2015 http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif Save BSNL Save Nation Convention held on 04-02-15 at Ludhiana (Punjab)

For minutes of meeting CLICK HERE

06.02.2015 http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gifForum meeting attended by President and Acting GS SNATTA on 5/2/2015 at BSNLMS office Delhi. Preparation points regarding Parliament march and indefinite strike discussed in meeting. All CSs/CCs are requested to assure their presence in parliament march. Circles are also requested to gear up the programs of Signature campaign, circle level conventions and also do their best efforts to making this event grand successful as it is do or die situation for us. Kindly assure to provide sufficient signature collection from each circle and send it to GS SNATTA address.

05.02.2015 http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gifA successful forum signature campaign was arranged in PATLIPUTRA Exchange under PATNA SSA of Bihar Circle...Circle Coordinator of BIHAR Circle SNATTA had attended the meeting and delivered his valuable speech to the gatherings....other union leaders of SNEA, AIBSNLEA, NFTE, BTEU and others were present.

For photos Click Here

02.02.2015 http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gifA successful forum signature campaign was arranged in BARASAT under Kolkata SSA of WestBengal Circle......District Secretary /snatta/kolkata SSA had attended the meeting and delivered his valuable speech to the gatherings....other union leaders of BSNLEU, SNEA, AIBSNLEA and others were present.

For Photos Click Here

02.02.2015 http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gifA grand meeting of Forum of BSNL Unions and associations has taken place at Durgapur, WB. Representative of BSNLEU com Animesh mitra,cs/BSNLEU  , SNATTA com Debashish chakrabarty,cc/snattawbtc and others,  SNEA, AIBSNLEA, attended the meeting. A vibrant speech has been delivered by Com Animesh Mitra CS BSNLEU WBTC. He has clearly explained the present grief situation of BSNL, and anti organization policy adopted by Management and Union Govt. He emphasized for teamwork for executive and non executive employees, and overall participation of all trades to improve the service of BSNL and make it a profit making unit.

For Photos click here.

31.01.2015 http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gifNotification of CEC on 26-02-2015 at New Delhi

SNATTA Chq has taken a decision to call CEC meet on 26-02-2015 at New Delhi. As you are aware of that as per agitation program of FORUM there is parliament march on 25-02-2015 and Chq committed more than 100 participants so to make it successful and meet our requirement on next day circles representative play a role in strategic planning for future course of action.
Point to be discuss in CEC:-

  1. Pay disparity issue as of now
  2. JTO RR 2014 implication
  3. Designation Change status
  4. View on fund collection
  5. Discussion on partial implementation of JTO-LICE result in case of ESM
  6. Review of JTO LICE 2013 by adopting the uniform policy in evaluation.
  7. 30% superannuation benefit w.r.t. management proposed 3% extra in 18%.
  8. Amendment in MTRR for inclusion of TTAs
  9. Inclusion of Executive CUG in Rs 200 SIM.
  10. Implementation of Non-executive transfer policy.
  11. Discussion on yearly program of CHQ.
  12. Any issue with permission of chair.

You are, therefore, request to kindly confirm your presence in the meeting at New Delhi. CHQ expect intimation from circle well in advance to make an arrangement.

29.01.2015 http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif CMD Letter to Unions and Associations

.For Letter Please Click Here

28.01.2015 http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif MOU Siened with Canara Bank for extendine various Loan Schemes to BSNL Emplovees.

.For Letter Please Click Here

27.01.2015 http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif Letter received from BSNL C.O. fixing the meeting with the Forum on Revival of BSNL.

For Letter Please Click Here

23.01.2015 http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gifA delegation of members of BTEU met Honorable MOC Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad on dated 17.01.2015 and represented below mention issues as briefed by our CHQ.

1) Loss of wages to the TTAs who are appointed on or after 01.01.2007

2) Review of results of JTO exam which was held recently.

3) Reduction of residency period in NE 11 pay scale for promotion to NE 12.

4) Change of designations.


Honorable Minister assured to early resolutions of all the issues. We are thankful to BTEU for taking up our issues at highest level.

23.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif Reconstitution of National Council. Congratulation to Mr. Naresh Vallakati, Dr.TTA (AP circle). Please Click Here for Newly re-constitution order of National Council.

21.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif ESM letter to GM(Estt)

For letter Please Click Here

21.01.2015 http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gifDistrict Body meeting of SNATTA Patiala held on 18-1-2015 at Prabhat Parvana  House, Baradari Garden Patiala under the presidentship of Punjab Circle President Sh. Pawan Verma , was well attended  and  strong views were expressed  under the charged atmosphere regarding long pending issues and inability of the Unions in resolving our basic issues. 

Punjab Circle Sect. Sh. Sarvjit Singh, District Body Members of the previous SNATTA Patiala elaborately expressed their views and emphasized that the unity of the TTAs is of utmost importance  to resolve our issues.

New District Body for SNATTA Patiala has been elected. Please go through the Minutes of the Meeting for the details. SNATTA congratulates all newly elected Office Bearers best wishes.

For minutes of meeting Click Here

For Newly Elected Body Click Here

For Images of meeting Click Here 

20.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif SNATTA welcome CMD BSNL

DyGS Sunil Gautam and AGS RK Upadhayay meet new CMD BSNL Shri Anupam Shrivastav and greeted with bouquet with lots of hopes. SNATTA Chq expresses our firm commitment and resolve to accept the challenge and put in our best efforts to restore the lost glory of BSNL.

18.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif

SNATTA DyGS (Mr Sunil Gautam), AGS R K Upadhayay, AGS A R jangid, Ex-Executive Member R B Singh, Sri Vinay Bhatia meet with ITEF(Indian Telecom Employee Fedration) SG Sri S.V.S.Subrahmanyam and Sri R C Pandey GS of BTEU, Sri Manoj Jha Bihar CS BTEU at New Delhi. They all were here to meet MOC Sri Ravi Shankar Prasad. Before going to meet with Minister they discussed all issues related to TTAs with SNATTA members and they assured that they will raise all genuine issues in meeting with MOC and try its best to get them resolved.

16.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif Congratulation to Mr. Anupam Shrivastava as BSNL CMD

Congratulation, Shri Anupam Shrivastava, DIR (CM) assumed the charge as CMD, BSNL for a period of 5 years or till retirement whichever is earlier. He is having 4.5 years service for superannuation. He is a BSNL absorbed ITS officer.

For appointment order click here

15.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gifA welcome/Farewell party including CWC meeting of SNATTA Rajasthan :

A welcome/Farewell party including CWC meeting of SNATTA Rajasthan held at Hotel Mahendra, Nagaur on 10/01/2015. Sr GMTD Bikaner, All INDIA President SNATTA and AGS SNATTA graced the function. A Zone wise co-ordination committee formed to accelerate the activities of Association. SNATTA RAJ congratulates the Newly recruited friends in Deptt. All Circle office bearers with District Secretaries committed to participate actively  in running Agitation by Forum of BSNL Unions/Association.

For minutes of meeting Please Click Here

For Photos of CWC please Click Here

15.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif SAVE BSNL SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN : 

Friends, as per Forum movement, the One crore signature collection program should start without any delay. Circles office bearers are requested to collect the memorandum letter from CHQ/Website and circulate that among each and every TTA. All TTA brothers and sisters are requested to inspire common people for the need of BSNL, a Nationalized Telecom Backbone. At least 50 signatures per member are expected. All circle office bearer will submit memorandum letter to their Circle Secretaries (CS). All CS will send the hard copy to our Dy.GS, Sri Sunil Gautam. The whole program must be concluded within 10/2/2015. 

Please CLICK HERE for Hindi Memorandum

Please CLICK HERE for English Memorandum

15.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif Hearty Congratulations to Sri Sanjay Kumar, TTA/OFC Station Karnaprayag, Uttrakhand, for his wining of Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak  2014

Shri Sanjay Kumar joined as TTA on 13-10-2008 at Karnaprayag OFC station with no SDE/JTO. As a incharge of route party, Shri Sanjay Kumar is maintaining 383 Kms of OF Cable routes, which include important sections including Holy Badrinath & Kedarnath shirines.


During the month of June 2013 cloud bursts, heavy rainfall, floods caused worst natural disaster in Uttarakhand. Heavy rains continued making the site very difficult to reach, In such extremely dangerous situation Sh Sanjay Kumar resolved to restore the route. He and his team walk and trekked several Kms carrying OF cable and equipment and climbed on slippery slopes braving heavy rains and sliding debris, at great risk to his life and safety. The karnaprayag route party laid overhead cable and carried out splicing work in precarious situations for the restoration of the route.

Sh Sanjay Kumar ensured the restoration of the route with least delays and never show reluctance to attend faults in the worst add hours which helps in saving and containing revenue loss to department. He is punctual in his duties and always gives best for rectification of faults whether system or cable fault. He is hard working official, is sympathetic and has cordial relation with his colleagues.


In view of his worthy contribution in the Rescue and Relief works during the APADA in uttarakhand which saved invaluable lives he received Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak 2014.


15.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif Air India comes back into profit

Air India turned into as a profit making company registering 14.6 crore last month.It is a very inspiring that Air India once became an example of loss making PSU for the last several years stood up again.It is our oath to bring back the glory of BSNL again.

Please CLICK HERE for minutes of the Meeting

14.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif District Body meeting of SNATTA Patiala held on 8-1-2015 in the presence of Sh. Hardeep Singh Distt President and Sh. Pawan Kumar verma Circle President .

It was decided that District body meeting of Patiala SSA will held on Sunday at "Prabhat Parvana Trade Union Center, Baradari Garden,.Opposite Circuit House Patiala from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM. All the TTAs of the SSA are warmly welcome to make SNATTA much stronger helping our demands to be  resolved at the earleist.

M No. 9463329061,946832342

13.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif A decision have been taken to form a legal committee the members of which are:

  1. Sunil Gautam (New Delhi) 9810306904
  2. R K Upadhayay (UP West Circle) 9457885177
  3. Kaushik Ghosh (CTD) 9477240256
  4. Vijay Kumar (Bihar Circle) 9431000318

This Committee may be altered after every 3 month as per feedback from circle and committee work function. Two member may be added as per necessity

13.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif SNATTA CHQ meeting rolled in at New Delhi on 30-12-2014 :

The meeting was presided over by Mr. Anup Mukherjee, GS SNATTA.Although all CHQ body members were not present but their accord, word of expression and wishes were with us. The meeting was attended by many notable members.

Please CLICK HERE for minutes of the Meeting

13.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif Message from SNATTA CHQ: All Circle / SSAs are requested to organise a welcome party of our new friends It will increase our bonding and make them aware about our Association activities. Rajasthan circle has been initiated it.

09.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif

Successful 3 days DHARNA CAMPAIGN completed. SNATTA congratulates all the participants’ warm regards. Our GS,Sri Anup Mukherjee participated in the Dharna campaign in Telephone Bhawan,Kolkata and gave a very strong and motivating speech to the audiences.Thanks to all SNATTAians to support the movement of FORUM.

Please CLICK HERE for Photos

Please CLICK HERE for Photos

07.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif Successful DHARNA CAMPAIGN going on all accross country. SNATTA congratulates all the participants warm regards.

Please CLICK HERE for Photos

07.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif A very successful circle conference of SNATTA,ODISHA Circle held at RTTC BBSR.TTAs from all other SSAs of ODISHA circle were present in the meeting and some vital discussions took place on that occasion.


Formation of new SNATTA,ODISHA Circle Body was also part of the meeting.

SNATTA congratulates all newly elected Office Berarers best wishes.

Please CLICK HERE for Photos

07.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif Warrm wish to all SNATTAians of GUJRAT CIRCLE to make the CWC of SNATTA,Gujrat a success.The meeting took place on 29.12.2014 under the presidentship of Sh Vismany Oza,Circle President,SNATTA ,Gujrat.The representatives of 11 SSA of Gujrat were present in the CWC.

A new slightly modified Circle Body for SNATTA,Gujrat has been elected. Please go throgh the Minutes of the Meeting for details.SNATTA congratulates all newly elected Office Berarers best wishes.

Please CLICK HERE for Minutes of the Meeting

07.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif District Level Meeting of SNATTA Surendranagr SSA of Gujrat Circle took place on 02.01.2015. SNATTA CHQ congratulates all the participants for their presence and their contribution towards a helathy discussion.

Please CLICK HERE forMinutes of Meeting

06.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif A CWC meet cum welcome party of new TTAs is being organised by Nagaur SSA at Hotel Mahendra jodhpur Road, Nagaur. All Circle office bearers and Distt Secretaries are requested to assure their full presence. Time of programme will be 11.00 AM to 3.00 PM,Dated 10/01/2015. Programme will be presided by Our All India President. Promotee friends of Nagaur SSAs will also be honoured on this eve.

05.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif The 3 days Dharna Programme from 6th to 8th January 2015 should be observed all across the country.All TTAs are requested to take atleast one C/L for one full day, to participate to the Dharna Programme positively.The dharna will be from 10.00 AM to 05.00 P.M.

05.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif IDA from 01.01.2015 will be raised by 2.2%. With this IDA will be 98.1+2.2 = 100.3% from 01.01.2015.

02.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif GS writes to all BSNL Unions/Association regarding new HR Plan/Man Power Plan regarding

Please CLICK HERE for letter

Please CLICK HERE for Annexure I

Please CLICK HERE forAnnexure 2

02.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif SAVE BSNL CAMPAIGN FORUM POSTER

02.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif A letter has been submitted by our CHQ to Sr. GM(ESTT) and all the GS of BSNL Unions/Associations Regarding the pending JTO-LICE results in TAMILNADU circle. Our GS Sri Anup Mukherjee, Dy.GS Sri Sunil Gautam, Asst. GS Sri A.R.Jangid and Asst. GS Raj Kumar Upadhyay discuss this matter to all layer of our organisation. 

                       Our DGS Sri Sunil Gautam have given a clear view and stand of SNATTA to the Unions/Associations.

Please CLICK HERE for letter

01.01.2015  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif A meeting conducted with GS BMS Mr Virjesh Upadhyay on 31/12/14 at 11.00 a.m in New Delhi. In a two hours fruitful discussion our CHQ leaders firmly persuaded our painful issues. Our GS Sri Anup Mukherjee, Dy.GS Sri Sunil Gautam, Asst. GS Sri A.R.Jangid and Asst.GS Raj Kumar Upadhyay represented SNATTA, All leaders spoke all angle of our matters need to solve with an immediate effect.

                        Thanks to BMS for giving their word to take over our issues , a letter has been submitted which has already given to CMD/BSNL.

Please CLICK HERE for letter

31.12.2014:  In the meeting of Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations our GS Sri Anup Mukherjee, Dy.GS Sri Sunil Gautam, Asst. GS Sri A.R.Jangid attended and strongly persuaded the opinion of SNATTA, held on 30th December 2014 at BSNL MS Office, presided by Com. Islam Ahmad, President NFTE. The house paid homage to the memory of Com. Chhidu Singh, senior leader and Vice-President of BSNLEU, NTR Circle, who passed away a few days back.

Our GS said "we,all the employees of BSNL need to fight internally and externally for our real survival, Internally we need to fight for the betterment of our service and externally we must fight against the government policies as well". He also told that with all that proposed program we have to improve our service qualities (QoS) and every employees must be dedicated to do that, along with all our necessary program all the Unions/Associations come forward to do the same and everyone agreed.

Please CLICK HERE for the decision of Forum in the meeting on 30.12.2014

30.12.2014 : FORUM OF BSNL UNIONS / ASSOCIATIONS writes to Members of Parliament on the issue of BSNL Revival


30.12.2014:  Warm wish to all SNATTAians of Hissar SSA, Haryana to make the District Conference a success.The meeting took place on 25.12.2014 under the presence of former executive member Mr. Ramsher of SNATTA CHQ.

A new District body for SNATTA,Hissar SSA, Haryana has been elected. Please go throgh the Minutes of the Meeting for details.SNATTA congratulates all newly elected Office Berarers best wishes.

Please CLICK HERE for Minutes of the Meeting

30.12.2014:  Grand welcome party of newly elected All India President Sh. R.Khanna and new recruited TTAs of Sriganganagar SSA organised at Hotel Prateek Plaza on 25-Dec-2014.SNATTA CHQ wishes every new recruited TTAs all success in their life.

Please CLICK HERE for Photos

29.12.2014  http://www.snatta.org/image1/new.gif Message from Sh Rajendra Khanna /All India President,SNATTA

Wishing you and your family a never ending Happiness and prosperity. New year comes with glow of hopes in our mind. It gives us new confidence and courage for a fresh start. All the best for your all new ventures. As New year comes and million take resolution, I promise to you that all my help and well wishes will be with you on this new year.
                  May God make our relationship stronger and empowered us for showing our best for betterment of our beloved Department and Union/Association.

29.12.2014   MOU signed between BSNL & Union Bank of India (UBI) for extending various loan Schemes to BSNL Employees

Please CLICK HERE for Agreement Letter

27.12.2014   It is a campaign to save our mother organisation BSNL. In this regard FORUM Convenor VAN Namboodiri called upon all BSNL Unions/Associations to take part in the "SAVE BSNL CAMPAIGN".We,the SNATTAians will always be there to save our organisation and protest any mal activity to destry our organisation.

Please CLICK HERE for Forum Circular Copy of SAVE BSNL CAMPAIGN


24.12.2014   SNATTA Sriganganagar is organising a grand welcome party of newly elected All India President Sh. R.Khanna and new recruited TTAs of SSA. Venue is Hotel Prateek Plaza. Schedule of Programme is 25-Dec-2014, 12.00 noon to 4 PM. All members of SNATTA Sriganganagar are requested to grace the function.

24.12.2014   In the meeting of JAC on 22.12.2014,Our President Sh R. Khanna attended the meeting
with management and strongly persuade the issues for TTAs.The outcomes are as follows:

:- Wage loss matter for one advance increment already approved by management committee and pending with
board for approval. A supplementary note for arrears query has been put to management committee for approval.

:- JTO RR (2014) matter is likely to be solved in upcoming board meeting (expected in January First week)as HR plan has been done ready by the management.

:- Designation Change is under positive consideration.

:- The 30% superannuation benefit issue,was strongly presented by SNATTA President. ED (finance) cleared that management is ready for 3% .

After the meeting,our President, Dy. GS Sh Sunil Gautam and AGS Sh A R Jangid met with Mr.Wadhwa,DGM(SR) for our NCM representation of newly elected member Sh. Naresh Valakati. They also met with Mr. R K Goyal,GM (Estb) for early persuasion of JTO RR (2014)matter. He assured to do needful at their end.

23.12.2014   Stipend paid during Training to all TTAs appointed after 01/01/2007 have been revised. Those who have taken TTA training after 01.01.2007 should apply through proper channel with Circular Copy to get their arear.

Please CLICK HERE for Circular Copy of rate of Stipend

Please CLICK HERE for Specimen Application Letter

23.12.2014   Warrm wish to all SNATTAians of Rajkot District to make the District Conference a success.The meeting took place on 14.12.2014 at Hotel Regenta Central, Rajkot, under the Presidentship of Shri Subhash Rajpara, District President,SNATTA Rajkot.

A new District body for SNATTA,Rajkot district has been elected. Please go throgh the Minutes of the Meeting for details.SNATTA congratulates all newly elected Office Berarers best wishes.

Please CLICK HERE for Minutes of the Meeting

20.12.2014  A forum meeting held on 19.12.2014 for the discussion on the agitation programme including the Indefinite Strike with effect from 17th March 2015. After detailed discussion by the Forum on the issue of Revival of BSNL, the strategies for making the upcoming programme successful have been taken. Our Dy. GS Sri Sunil Gautam have participated in that meeting, Click Here

20.12.2014   The District Confrence of Ferozepur SSA Punjab will be going to held at Inspection Quarter O/o GMT Ferozepur. on 25 December. Timing 11:30 Thrusday. All the honorable Snatta members are cordially invited on this occasion to make it grand success.

For any query contact: Com.Bajinder Pal (Bunty) TTA KKP (Organising Secretary)

Com.Surjan Chopra TTA (Distt. Secretary)

16.12.2014  A meeting between Management and JAC will be held on 22.12.2014 to discuss on the 30 ponit charter of demands of JAC

12.12.2014  In the Designation Committee Meeting held on 10.12.2014,discussion took place for designation change of TTA to Junior Engineer.Management site told they will come up with the decision in the next Designation Committe Meeting on 08.01.2015 after their internal discussion.

10.12.2014   Report on JTO R/R 2014, meeting held on 09/12/14:- 

A meeting held between BSNL management and The DOT, Govt nominee on the revised R/R of JTO (RR 2014) and other HR matters. Even though the management side were very much willing to implement RR 2014 but finally the meeting failed and all the matters could not get approval of BSNL Board due to reported objections from Govt nominees  (Specially the Additional Secretery, Govt of India). The DOT, Govt, nominees are objecting on the plea of restructuring and HR plan.

                We are applying to all our members for protesting this illogical behavior of Govt, nominees in all and every layer  of our organisation. We will search each and every possibilities to have a quick solution to come out from the complex situation. 


09.12.2014   Tamilnadu JTO LICE Case: BSNL advocate has not attended the hearing today.So the hearing has been postponed to 19.01.2015, after Pongal Holiday.

06.12.2014  G.S writes to Convenor of BSNL Forum of Unions and Association intimating gratitude towards inclusion of 30% Superannuation benefits issue to Strike Demands.

Click Here

06.12.2014  A Meeting of JAC held on 06.12.2014 at New Delhi.Sri Sunil Gautam, Dy. GS/SNATTA was present in the meeting.It has been decided to make a detailed assesment of the strike,in the next meeting to be held at 04:00 p.m on 20.12.2014 at BSNL MS Office.It has also been decided that General Secretaries of the constituents should submit a report to JAC,on the strike,with district wise particulars.

05.12.2014  A Meeting of JAC will be held on 06.12.2014(Saturday) at 11.00 a.m ,at NFTE New delhi office to discuss about the designation change and PLI issue.

05.12.2014  The forum BSNL Unions and Association met today in New Delhi to decide the action plan of the Indefinite Strike Programmne. It has been decided that the Strike Progrmamme will be organised from 17th March 2015, instead of from 3rd February 2015. Sri Sunil Gautam, Dy. GS/SNATTA was present in the meeting and raised the issue of 30% Superannuation benefits issue should be included in the charter of demands.We are thankful to the house that the point was taken up by the forum leaders and it is decided that the point will be included to the Charter of Demands for the Indefinute Strike Programme from 17th March,2015.

Click here for the Minutes.

01.12.2014   The issue of JTO R/R is most likely will be placed in BSNL Board meeting on 9th December.

01.12.2014   Some of the Questions and Answers discussed in Rajyasabha regarding remedial steps taken to revive BSNL. Click Here

27.11.2014   Historic Strike on 27.11.14 took place accross all Circles of BSNL with massive support.Along with other BSNL unions,SNATTA once again proved to be a valuable contributor for the strike programme.Heartiest congratulations to SNATTAians.We hope our united voice will shake the management and our demands will soon be taken for discussion.

26.11.2014   Join the Strike action on 27.11.2014 with full vigor.It is the time to show the unity of BSNL Non executive unions and associations infront of adamant management.SNATTA also conveys thanks to AIBSNLEA and SNEA for supporting this strike call of JAC.

24.11.2014   The talks with management failed and the management is not accepting any of the JAC demands. Be prepared for the strike on 27.11.2014.

24.11.2014   The 6th All India Conference of SNATTA was completed with lots of joy and enthusiasm.  It was took place in Kolkata, the city of joy, on 22nd and 23 rd November’ 2014. Conference was hosted by West Bengal Circle and KOLKATA (CTD) Circle jointly. Nearly 160 delegates from all over the country were participated in this AIC. Some circles like NE-1, NE-2 participated first time in this AIC.

On first day of the conference, the 22nd of November, a closed door meeting was held with the delegates. In this meeting one representative from 19 participating circles deliver their speeches and detail discussions took places regarding various burning issues of TTA’s as well as BSNL. All the delegates expressed their concerns on issues like wage erosion, JTO LDCE, designation change etc. Some suggestions come from the delegates regarding the structural change of CHQ body. After lots of discussions new  structure of CHQ body finalized unanimously.

On second day of the conference, the 23rd of November the open session started at “The Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture”, Goalpark, Kolkata around 11:45 am. Open session started with the National Anthem and inaugurated by Swami Babulal Maharaj, Secretary, The Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Goalpark, Kolkata. The meeting was presided by Sri Manish Samadhiya, President , Snatta. On the stage there were the eminent leaders of Unions and Associations of BSNL like Sri Animesh Mitra, Vice-President, BSNLEU, Sri P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, Chandreswar Sing, GS, NFTE, Sri K. Sebastian, GS, SNEA, Sri Biswanath Dutta, GS, TEU, Sri D.K Sahoo, AGS, AIGETOA, Sri Prosun Mukherjee, AIBSNLEA, Sri Pardeep Kumar, Founder President, SNATTA  etc.  At the very beginning Sri Sankar Sanyal, Chief Secretary, Reception Committee delivered his welcome speech. After that Sri Pawan Meena, GS, Snatta addressed the house. Next “The Souvenir” of the 6th AIC-SNATTA, Kolkata released by the Reception Committee. Thereafter  GS, BSNLEU and GS, NFTE addressed the house. They were followed by GS - SNEA, AGS - AIGETOA , AIBSNLEA. Finally, Sri Manish Samadhiya, President , SNATTA proposed the vote of thanks. After Lunch the Closing Session started where Sri Hardeep Singh, All India Treasurer, SNATTA releases the Financial Report of association which was unanimously adopted by the house. Some important resolutions of different issues were also passed. At the end the SNATTA CHQ Body formation process took place under the supervision of Sri Pardeep Kumar, Founder President and Sri  Shailesh Dhande  Founder Member of SNATTA. Finally we get the new CHQ Body of our beloved association SNATTA. Some of the very important members of this new CHQ Body  are – Sri Rajendra Khanna - President, Sri Anup Mukherjee – General Secretary, Sri Sunil Gautam – Deputy General Secretary,  Sri M.K Kandoriya - Treasurer.

Hope the newly elected CHQ body which was formed in the “City of Joy” can took SNATTA with their capable leadership and support from all the DR-TTA’s towards joy, happiness and glory.

Click here for newly elected CEC

24.11.2014   The 6th AIC of SNATTA, Kolkata concluded successfully with a new CHQ body formation. We are grateful to our previous CHQ leaders for their whole hearted contribution towards SNATTA. We all will always remember you Sir and will always seek your blessings and advice.

SNATTA CHQ congratulates all the leaders of BSNL Unions and Associations for their glorious presence in the AIC.

SNATTA CHQ salutes the entire CTD Team for the super arrangement of the AIC. Their rigorous efforts have made this event exceptionally well disciplined and well managed.

Most importantly, SNATTA CHQ congratulates all the Circle delegates for their presence in the AIC. We also take a bow to all the Circle Members of SNATTA who may not have came to AIC, Kolkata but sent their enormous support through their Circle delegates.

Full Report of AIC Kolkata will be published very soon.

Once again thank you SNATTAians for your support. SNATTA JINDABAD!!!


14.11.2014   The District Confrence of SNATTA, Ludhiana, Punjab will be going to held at BRS Nagar, Sanchar Colony Community Center on 16 Nov. Timing 14:30 sunday. All the Honorable SNATTA members are cordially invited on this occasion to make it grand success.

For any query contact: Com. Prem Parkash 9417600085

14.11.2014   Warm wish to all SNATTAians of Punjab Circle to make the grand Circle Conference of SNATTA Punjab Circle a success. The meeting took place on 9th November, 2014 at Hotel Fine Dining near Shimla Pahari chowk at Hoshiarpur SSA, under the Chairmanship of Honorable Central Coordinator SNATTA Punjab Tajinder Pal Singh. Honorable Sri Islam Ahemad Ji, President/ NFTE/BSNL also attended the meeting and kept his thoght for TTAs.

A new circle body for SNATTA, Punjab Circle has been elected. Please go through the Minutes of the Meeting for details. SNATTA congratulates all newly elected core committee members best wishes.

Please CLICK HERE for Minutes of the Meeting

Please CLICK HERE for Photos of the Meeting

10.11.2014    Today, Sh Sunil Gauatm, Dy GS, SNATTA met with Sh R K Goyal/ GM.Esst/ BSNL regarding JTO (LICE) service eligibility period. Shri Islam Ahmed, All India President, NFTE was also present in the discussion. We are happy to learn that Shri R K Goyal gave more than assurance that the service eligibility period for JTO (LICE) is going to be 5 years and it will be implemented very soon.

10.11.2014   A new body for SNATTA, Maharashtra has been formed. SNATTA CHQ Congratulates all newly elected Core Committee Members best wishes. And also congratulates all TTAs of Maharashtra Circle for their dedicated support.

Please CLICK HERE for the details.

07.11.2014   A very successful circle conference of SNATTA, Bihar Circle held on 06.11.2014 at PATNA.TTAs from all other SSAs of Bihar were present in the meeting and some vital discussions took place on that occasion.

Formation of new SNATTA, Bihar Circle Body was also part of the meeting. SNATTA CHQ Congratulates all newly elected Core Committee Members best wishes. And also congratulates all TTAs of Bihar Circle for their dedicated support.

Please CLICK HERE for the details.

05.11.2014   The Fifth Circle-Conference of SNATTA PUNJAB Circle is fixed in HOSHIARPUR-SSA.

Date & Time: - 9th NOV 2014, 11:00 AM.

All Honorable SNATTA member of Punjab Circle are cordially invited on this occasion to make it grand success

Please CLICK HERE for the details.

30.10.2014   A meeting of the Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations was held on 28th October 2014.Our Dy GS, Sri Sunil Gautam attended the meeting. Please CLICK HERE for the details.

15.10.2014   All Circles are requested to download the AIC FORM for Delegation information .Please fill up the FORM and send to snattaaickolkata@gmail.com and a copy to snattachq@gmail.com within 10.11.2014.

Download AIC FORM

13.10.2014   It is hereby notified that the 6th All India Conference  of Sanchar Nigam Association of Telecom Technical Assistant will be held on 22-23 Nov,2014 at Kolkata. All Circles are requested to start the process of AIC Delegation. Please have the following information:

1.The Delegation Fees will be Rs.1200 per delegates

2. Circles are required to prepare the delegation list and send the list to snattaaickolkata@gmail.com and a copy to snattachq@gmail.com within 10.11.2014

3. Circles are required to send the delegation fees to the following Account:

NAME : Sandip Parui / Swaraj Santra
A/C Number: 31567160005
IFSC Code: SBIN0001139
BRANCH: SBI,India Exch Place Extension,Kolkata

The delegation fees should be deposited within 10.11.2014 and circles are required to send an intimation mail containing the fund transfer details i.e for which delegates the fund transferred,sender name and account number to snattaaickolkata@gmail.com and a copy to snattachq@gmail.com within 10.11.2014

Click Here for Notification

Click Here for Intimation Letter












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