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All Circle/SSA Office bearers are hereby requested to conduct meeting with new JEs and Welcome them to BSNL Family


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17.06.2017 Due to our consistent effort management agree to exercise the wait list in case of DRJE recruitment after getting feedback of vacancy position from the circles. It is important for those willing to work with BSNL.

17.06.2017 As per the decision of the unions and associations, country wide dharnas are to be conducted on 20th June, demanding wage revision, pension revision, superannuation benefits for the Directly Recruited employees and withdrawal of the Corporate Office letter, banning trade union activities. Only a few days are left for this struggle. Circless are requested to coordinate with the other unions and associations and to take maximum efforts to make the programme a massive success.

12.06.2017 Corporate Office has issued Orders for those JE candidates who have also got selected as DR JTO through GATE. For those candidates,their Bond Agreement Papers should be sent to concerned circles from where they have been selected as JTO. No refund for JE training should be taken back from thse candidates.For details please see order.


Please Click here for the Order

12.06.2017 Notice for agitational programme for settlement of wage revision and other various demands has been served by Unions and Associations of BSNL to Secretary / DoT and CMD BSNL.All are requested to prepare for daylong Dharna on 20.06.2017.Please view Notice for details.


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12.06.2017 CMD BSNL writes to DOT for implementation of 3rd PRC justifying 15% fitment benefit.


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07.06.2017 GS writes to GM(Rectt. & Trng.) requesting her to publish notification for holding up JTO LICE for the vaccancy year 2016-17 as the vaccancy year falls due on 30the June'2017 for qualifying 5 yrs service condition in NE-9 scale as Gr C.


Please Click here for the Letter

05.06.2017 An all Union /Association meeting took place today with Hon'ble CMD BSNL to discuss about various HR issues and specially Wage Revision.Our Dy GS Shri Sunil Gautam was present in meeting.In the discussion CMD told that the Wage Revision issue is related with Ministry Level approval. He, himself is very hopeful that the process will be initiated very soon. Also he assured that he will bring Wage Revision to BSNL at any cost and at any level persuation. He asked for support from all Union and Associations leaders.So friends we are also hopeful on our Hon'ble CMD's commitment. All are requested to prepare for a further phase of struggle to attain our wage revison.

05.06.2017 SNATTA demaded immidiate issue of Training Order for JTO Prebasic Training for Vaccancy Year 2015-16 so that Prebasic training can be started soon after completion of JE induction training. Our GS have already written a letter to GM (Rectt. and Trng.) to expedite the process.


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Welcome Meeting with New Recruited JEs at NSCBTTC,Kalyani,CTD

On 24.05.2017, Under the leadership of GS Shri Anup Mukherjee, a delegation of SNATTA CTD visited NSCBTTC,Kalyani,CTD to meet with fresh recruit JEs undergoing induction training.The delegation has GS Shri Anup Mukherjee ji, along with Circle President SNATTA CTD   Shri Prosun Ghosh Asst. CS Shri Sudhan Kaity, Shri Gourav Pal ,Shri Smruti Ranjan, Shri Suresh Kumar, Shri Prabin Kumar , Shri Naveen Kumar , Smt. Supti Sarkar , Shri Sanjib Ghosh along with other 26 leadership of SNATTA CTD. An interactive meeting took place with energentic speechs from Anup Mukherjee,Suresh Kumar,Supti Sarkar and they explained well the virtue of our unity.All JEs and also JAOs undergoing training there were present in the meeting. About 70 DR JEs from CTD, NE1,NE II. 40 JAO's from West Bengal,Orissa, Bihar attended the meeting.

It is a request to all other Circle Office bearers of SNATTA to conduct such meeting with fresh JEs and welcome them to BSNL Family.

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On 20.05.2017, a delegation of JEs from Tamilnadu Circle (from SSAs Erode, Salem, Coimbatore, Tanjore, Madurai) headed by ACS/SNATTA Shri S.C.Rajeswaran attended BSNLEU's 8th Tamilnadu Circle Conference.

A momento shield was handed over to the BSNLEU GS. Shri P.Abhimanyu ji, AGS Shri Chellapa, Circle Secretary A. Babu RadhaKrishnan.

SNATTA TN greeted BSNLEU Tamilnadu circle on this occasion.

21.05.2017 A letter has been written to GM(Rectt. & Training) requesting immidiate issue of Office Order for JTO Pre basic training of VY 2015-16.It is well known that at present training centres are busy with imparting induction training to DR JE batches; therefore the JTO pre-basic training may be started soon after JE induction training is completed.


Please Click here for the Letter

19.05.2017 GS write letter to DIR(HR) requesting management to rectify the discrepecies of result of JTO LICE for VY 2015-16 and include the names of the left out candidates at the earliest,so that they can also join training with their batchmates.


Please Click here for the Letter

17.05.2017 All Circle and SSA SNATTA Office bearers are hereby requested to arrange a welcome meeting with fresh recruit JEs in respective training centers.

11.05.2017 SNATTA write letter to DIR(HR) regarding inordinate delay and disparity in issuing training orders for newly recruited 2700 JEs for VY 2016-17. As some circles have already started JE training,but rest of the circles yet to start the training. According to JTO RR-2014, the candidates whose training commence after 30 th June of a particular Vacancy Year shall be considered junior to their same year batch-mates whose training starts before 30 th June. We requested management to avoid this discrimination by instructing all the circles to start the JE training before 30th June'2017.


Please Click here for the Letter

11.05.2017 A situation was arised regarding nomination of our Dy.GS Shri Sunil Gautam as he is the NCM member nominated by BSNLEU was cancelled by BSNL management. But , by the strong protest of BSNLEU, management decided to retain Shri Sunil Gautam as nominated NCM member from staffside and the previous order of cancellation is held in abeyance till further order.


In this regard,we are very thankful to the Shri P Abhimanyu Ji GS/BSNLEU for his strong representation to management to retain Sunil Gautam as NCM member. Today, Sunil Ji is participating in NCM meeting on our agenda items.


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11.05.2017 Yesterday, SNATTA CHQ had meeting with GM (Rectt. & Trng.) regarding publication of results of left out candidates for 3rd JTO LICE. She ensured to expedite the process of publishing the result for eligible candidates. Also discussion have been made regarding start of training of LICE passed candidates.We requested management to start the training as soon as possible.

08.05.2017 The long pending demand of SNATTA regarding eligibility for Rule-8 transfer for newly promoted JTOs/JAOs is finally heard by BSNL management.Order has been issued in this regard to amend BSNL employees transfer policy. A new para has been added to the policy especially for JTOs/JAOs promoted from JE(TTA) cadre.


The para says:


"The service rendered in JE(TTA) grade would be counted towards eligibility for transfer under Rule-8 in JTO/JAO grade after qualifying LICE provided newly appointed JTOs/JAOs serve for one year in case of NE-I, NE-II, J&K, Assam, and A& N Telecom Circles and for two years in case of other circles."



Please Click here for the Letter

08.05.2017 Corporate Office have issued letter on calculation of vacancies of JTO under Limited Internal Competitive Examination(LICE) and Direct Recruit quota.



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