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6th Grand All India Conference of SNATTA


The 6th All India Conference of SNATTA was completed with lots of joy and enthusiasm.  It was took place in Kolkata, the city of joy, on 22nd and 23 rd November’ 2014. Conference was hosted by West Bengal Circle and KOLKATA (CTD) Circle jointly. Nearly 160 delegates from all over the country were participated in this AIC. Some circles like NE-1, NE-2 participated first time in this AIC.


On first day of the conference, the 22nd of November , a closed door meeting was held with the delegates. In this meeting one representatives from 19 participating circles deliver their speeches and detail discussions took places regarding various burning issues of TTA’s as well as BSNL. All the delegates expressed their concerns on issues like wage erosion, JTO LDCE, designation change etc. Some suggestions come from the delegates regarding the structural change of CHQ body. After lots of discussions new  structure of CHQ body finalized unanimously.


On second day of the conference, the 23rd of November the open session started at “The Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture”, Goalpark, Kolkata around 11:45 am. Open session started with the National Anthem and inaugurated by Swami Babulal Maharaj, Secretary, The Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Goalpark, Kolkata. The meeting was presided by Sri Manish Samadhiya, President , Snatta. On the stage there were the eminent leaders of Unions and Associations of BSNL like Sri Animesh Mitra, Vice-President, BSNLEU, Sri P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, Chandreswar Sing, GS, NFTE, Sri K. Sebastian, GS, SNEA, Sri Biswanath Dutta, GS, TEU, Sri D.K Sahoo, AGS, AIGETOA, Sri Prosun Mukherjee, AIBSNLEA, Sri Pardeep Kumar, Founder President, SNATTA  etc.  At the very beginning Sri Sankar Sanyal, Chief Secretary, Reception Committee delivered his welcome speech. After that Sri Pawan Meena, GS, Snatta addressed the house. Next “The Souvenir” of the 6th AIC-SNATTA, Kolkata released by the Reception Committee. Thereafter  GS, BSNLEU and GS, NFTE addressed the house. They were followed by GS - SNEA, AGS - AIGETOA , AIBSNLEA. Finally, Sri Manish Samadhiya, President , SNATTA proposed the vote of thanks. After Lunch the Closing Session started where Sri Hardeep Singh, All India Treasurer, SNATTA releases the Financial Report of association which was unanimously adopted by the house. Some important resolutions of different issues were also passed. At the end the SNATTA CHQ Body formation process took place under the supervision of Sri Pardeep Kumar, Founder President and Sri  Shailesh Dhande  Founder Member of SNATTA. Finally we get the new CHQ Body of our beloved association SNATTA. Some of the very important members of this new CHQ Body  are – Sri Rajendra Khanna - President, Sri Anup Mukherjee – General Secretary, Sri Sunil Gautam – Deputy General Secretary,  Sri M.K Kandoriya - Treasurer.


Hope the newly elected CHQ body which was formed in the “City of Joy” can took SNATTA with their capable leadership and support from all the DR-TTA’s  towards joy, happiness and glory.


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6th All India Conference of SNATTA

Meeting Minutes
November 22 and 23, 2014

The 6th All India Conference of SNATTA was called to order at 10:30 AM on 23/11/2014 by West Bengal Circle and Kolkata (CTD) Circle at Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Golpark, Kolkata.

More than 900 delegates and nominees from all over India. NE1 and NE2 came aboard for the first time.

Quorum Validation:
The conference was orchestrated by eminent leaders of Union and Associations of BSNL

A) Determination of Presiding Officers
            It was agreed that Sri Manish Samadhiya preside over the meeting

B) Presence of Eminent Members
After discussing the duties and responsibilities of each role within the board, each member agreed to the following roles and assignments:
            Sri Sankar Sanyal          – Chief Secretary, Reception Committee: Welcome Speech
            Sri Pawan Meena           –GS, SNATTA: Address the House
            Sri Manish Samadhiya    –President, SNATTA: Offer Vote of Thanks
            Sri Hardeep Singh           –All India Treasurer, SNATTA: Release financial report
            Sri Swami Babulal Maharaj- Secretary, Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture: Inauguration

C) Old Business

  • Wage Erosion, JTO LDCE, Designation changes
  • Issues of TTAs and BSNL

D) New Business

    • The souvenir of the 6th AIC, SNATTA was released by the reception committee
    • An alternative fabric of CHQ was finalized.
    • New framework of CHQ was strategized and formulated under the supervision of Sri Pardeep Kumar, Founder President and Sri Shailesh Dhande, Founder member of SNATTA.
    • Some momentous and far reaching members of the novel CHQ body are Sri Rajendra Khanna - President, Sri Anup Mukherjee – General Secretary, Sri Sunil Gautam – Deputy General Secretary,  Sri M.K Kandoriya – Treasurer.
    • Old Structure of the committee was dissolved.


E) Special Projects

    • Legal committee and Website committee were also hatched.
    • It was clinched to have these committees reviewed every six months. In contemplation to put it into impetus, a review committee was conceived.

F) Addressing the House

    • GS, BSNLEU and GS, NFTE addressed the house.
    • GS - SNEA, AGS - AIGETOA ,  AIBSNLEA addressed the house.

G) Adjournment
            The meeting was adjourned on 23rd November, 2014 at 7:45 PM.





NAME (Sh.)



All India President

Rajendra Khanna


09414001664, 09460095000


Vice President

Inderkesh Jadav




Vice President

Monish K.P.




Vice President

Sochin Soni




Vice President

Sh. Nithya Jarlad A




All India General Secretary

Anup Mukherjee

09432001578, 09475887261

snattachq, 495anup

Deputy General Secretary

Sunil Gautam




Assistant General Secretary

Niranjan Sahu




Assistant General Secretary

Raj Kumar Upadhyay




Assistant General Secretary

Nishant Bhanarkar


09421394225, 09960547790


Assistant General Secretary

A. R. Jangid




Website Secretary

Sandip Parui




Website Secretary

Sagar Mate




All India Treasurer

Mk Kandoriya




Assistant Treasurer

Shashi Rajan




Assistant Treasurer

Kuldeep Kain




All India Auditor

Umed Saini




Organizing Secretary (S)

Sh. M. Eshwar Ybl




Organizing Secretary (N)

Yojesh Solanki




Organizing Secretary (W)

Surjan Chopra




Organizing Secretary (E)

Dheeraj Kumar




Organizing Secretary (NE)

Kunal Kumar






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