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            Latest Circulars

Agreement with Oriental Bank of Commerce for extending various Loan Schemes to BSNL Employees.  

Forwarding Letter              MOU            Annexure


Loan through Union Bank of India


Loan through Canara Bank Cover Letter


New Modified Transfer Policy For All BSNL Employees


BSNL Employees Gratuity Trust Rules may be downloaded from here.

(1). BSNL Employees Gratuity Trust Rules. (2). First Amendment in BSNL Employee Gratuity Trust Rules.


EPF related documents may be downloaded from here.

(1). EPF contribution Ruling (2). Application to increase EPF contribution (3). Salary slip with increased EPF contribution (4). Draft RTI to BSNL if not received EPF form 3A (5).  Draft RTI to EPFC if not received EPF Annual statement.

Revised distance learning scheme

Recruitment Rules of Management Trainee revised

Reimbursement of medical bills from Insurance Company and BSNL

CDA Rules-2006 amendment-1

CCS Leave Rules

List of Holidays for the year 2009

Training Stipend Arrear for TTAs on IDA pattern

Policy for provision of Residential Service Telephone Connections and Mobile Telephone Connections to Executives and Non-executives and fixation of call limit thereupon-amendment-reg.  Orders     Form to fill up

BSNL CDA Rules-2006

Job Profile of TTA: Page1    Page2    Page3     Page4   

Staff Items For TTAs: Page1    Page2     Page3

Main contents of JTO Recruitment Rule 2001

BSNL ONE INDIA Plan for BSNL Employee

Bank Loan Through Canara Bank         

Bank Loan Through Corporation Bank

Moped and Computer Advance

Six Day Working Pattern- Second Saturday Holiday clarification-regarding

List of BSNL Holiday Homes

Leave Travel Concession (LTC): Traveling through Air Line -clarification regarding        LTC          LTC1           LTC2

Scheme and Syllabus for JTO (Civil/Electrical)

Medical Related Clarifications :

1.Treatment of BSNL Employees

2.BSNLMRS-Guidelines for regulation of expenditure on indoor treatment - Cases where no CGHS rates are prescribed

3.List of recognized Hospitals in Delhi under BSNLMRS

4.BSNLMRS-Guidelines for regulation of expenditure on indoor treatment

5.BSNLMRS-Guidelines for regulation of expenditure on indoor treatment

6.Medical Facility - Change-over option from CGHS to BSNLMRS

7.List of recognized hospitals at Delhi/NCR under "BSNLMRS"

8.Guidelines to monitor the expenditure on indoor treatment -reg

9.Implementation of guidelines reg indoor treatment under BSNLMRS

10.Guidelines for the implementation of BSNLMRS

11.BSNLMRS - Guidelines for implementation and monitoring

12.BSNLMRS-Amendments / clarifications regarding

13.BSNL Medical Reimbursement scheme - guideline for operation of the scheme

14.BSNL Medical Reimbursement scheme - guideline for operation of the scheme

15.List of recognized Hospitals at Delhi undes "BSNL Employees Medical Reimbursement Scheme

16.BSNL Employees medical Reimbursement Scheme - Instructions for operation of the scheme

17.Medical policy for BSNL employees

JAO Related Clarifications : Clarifications regarding JAO-Exam   JAO1        JAO2         JAO3       JAO4       JAO5

Reply of management on the issue of promotion of TTA

Question-Answers with Sr.DDG (HRD) on the issues of TTAs

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